Grief comes to us in many ways and each of our journeys through the healing process are different. Join Dr. Gina Messina  for a virtual weekend focused on coming to understand the grieving process, naming our struggles, and working toward transformation. Participants will engage in small group dialogue, individual reflection, and journaling activities while exploring opportunities for a re-envisioned future and personal growth. 


More than ever, we are recognizing the need to respond to our grief so that we can move forward and re-embrace joy in our daily lives.

Join this two day workshop to understand how to do our grief work, engage our emotions, and discover a path forward.

Choose to attend one or both days

2 Days: $59
1 Day:    $39

Day 1: Understanding Grief & Responding to Our Emotions

Day 2: Re-envisioning, Setbacks, & Choosing to Move Forward

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